In December 2006 we were blessed with a beautiful new home church. Since our involvement with the City of San Jose, God has truly caused all things to work for His Good! We are current members of Mayor Chuck Reed’s “Gang Prevention Task Force” along with a strategic partner in bettering our community. Pastor Abel has recently been elected to the Mayor’s “Prayer Partners Group”. This is great news and a great door of opportunity for New Harvest San Jose. God truly is moving in San Jose.

Pastor Abel and Sister Alice have just returned from an awesome time in Africa. Since we started to help support Africa, Pastor Abel has had a burden to go and preach in Africa. With God’s blessings and help from the church we were able to send Pastor Abel and sister Alice to Africa. They were able to help stir the fire that has been going for nearly 7 years. During their stay They seen healing, deliverance and salvation. Praise God!

God does Amazing Things

The “story” of Pastor Abel Rios illustrates the amazing things God can do through a person who possesses a spirit willing to be directed by his subtle promptings. Our pastor originated from a family whose parents were common people trying to make it in a struggling economy! Abel grew up living and breathing sports, so it seems perfectly fitting that his “spiritual birth” took place during his football career at Fresno State! He was invited to a small but building church in the garage of now one of our leadership pastors, Pastor Richard Gallardo. Receiving Christ with only 3 people there, Abel began his walk with God. And, like all things in life, Abel approached his budding relationship with God with fiery passion!
Pastor Abel Rios

Abel has been blessed with a life rich in academic, athletic and personal rewards, but it was his introduction to his future wife, Alice, that Pastor Abel considers sister Alice to be one of his greatest gifts from God. Both attending New Harvest, agreed to court for a few years and then marry. And what began as a great friendship soon turned into an enduring desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

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